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vitalianO PANCALDI
vitaliano pancaldi Ties . hand made in italy . authentic . amazing designs . silk neckties

Vitaliano Pancaldi ties are hand made in Bolgona. Vitaliano Pancaldi have bold designs, featring geometric stripes, swirly stripes colorful paisley with often a black or dark navy background. Vitaliano Pancaldi ties are a collectors items for some connoisseurs.

vitaliano pancaldi tie vitaliano pancaldi tie vitaliano pancaldi tie vitaliano pancaldi tie


vitaliano pancaldi tie pancaldi tie new

Silk Designer ties

Vitaliano also known as Vitaliano Pancaldi is specializing is fancy neckties available in regular cut and pleated silk. Vitaliano ties are hand made in Bologna, Italy.

Vitaliano ties

Vitaliano Tie
Vitaliano Pancaldi Cream Gold
Vitaliano Tie
Vitaliano Pancaldi Navy
vitaliano pancaldi tie vitaliano pancaldi tie
Vitaliano Pancaldi Pleated Tie
Pleated Silk Tie
30% off
Vitaliano Tie
Vitaliano Pancaldi

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vitaliano pancaldi ties . hand made in italy . jacquard silk

Vitaliano (Vitaliano Pancaldi) ties and accessories are hand made
in Bologna, Italy using only the finest silk jacquards. Vitaliano Pancaldi's signature prints have up to as many as 12 color separations in the screening process.

Each Signature Vitaliano Pancaldi tie is meticulously cut and sewn by hand. The back of the tie features our insignia gold chain keeper.

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